Losing it over d80 vs 400d

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Re: Losing it over d80 vs 400d

Well, this is going to sound subjective, but really, I'm trying to be objective here.

I work in a camera store. We have both the XTi and the D80. For a long time, I was not too impressed with the Nikon DSLRs (D70, D70s, and D50) in comparison to the Rebel XT and 20D. The Nikons seemed to have poor white balance control and obviously were lacking in the megapixel department. The D50 did seem to start producing very nice sharp, colorful images, although the resolution is less.

Now we get in the D80 and XTi. I have played with both extensively. The XTi seems a little faster, and it's smaller. However, the D80 has a MUCH nicer screen, produces noticably sharper images (NOTICABLY sharper, even with the XTi turned to maximum sharpness), and has a more film-like noise pattern. That is what surprised me the most: the D80 (with CCD) really seems to have better-looking noise patterning at ISO 1600 than the Rebel.

Plus, the D80 has the gray LCD on top for vital settings and shot counter. It has the spot-meter, and the four-way controller for selecting autofocus zone. On the Rebel XTi, your battery is smaller and you're using the big color LCD all the time. Also on the Rebel XTi, you have to select the autofocus zone by "dialing it in" which is a counter-intuitive selection method.

And as you mention, the Rebel XTi feels much more cheaply-made compared to the D80. Then there's the UI. The D80 has a seriously nicer menuing system, plus some in-camera Photoshop-style filter adjustments (D-Lighting, Warming Filter, Monochrome, etc.). Something to do in the car!

Be very good to yourself and get a D80. Not that the XTi is a bad camera- it's very nice, better than the XT. Just not as nice as the D80 (which is $200 more).

It's a constant leapfrog game, folks.


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