Am I the last D30 user?

Started Oct 4, 2006 | Discussions thread
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Re: Am I the last D30 user?

Terry M wrote:

I swear, the longer I have mine, the more I appreciate how good it
is and the more I realize how little use I have for MEGA megapixels.

Shot a wedding this past weekend with it and a Rebel.

Great camera, but who else still uses theirs regularly?

Try something newer, like 30D and you'll se a huge difference;). It's not all in the pixels, DR and lower noise are the things that are important (especially for wedding photography). I haven't tried a d30 (because I'm a photographer for 2 years now), but I've tested the complete Canon line of DSLRs except D30&D60. If I compare for example a 1D (mark I) to my 350D it sucks when you compare image quality (DR-a huge difference and noise levels).

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