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the Kodak problems...

Joe0Bloggs wrote:

Kendall Helmstetter Gelner wrote:

I did not call Fuji a failure, but I would say it's not gaining
traction in the market like some would like to see. Somehow using
a popular mount is not really helping it all that much.

I think the Fuji line is doing as well as can be realistically
expected, and using a popular mount has everything to do with the
limited amount of success that they have enjoyed.

You can explain away the Kodak problems however you like, but it
had a great resolution

... and nasty moire effects, colour shifts and ISO performance that
started from 'poor' and went down to 'hopeless' compared with the
competition over time...

I'd agree, about the 14n. But I had a rather pleasant SLR/n experience, as far as ISO. In the studio, with a grand total of 4200 Watt-seconds of flash, it was quite usable.

Although I did have the Octobank at full output and pulled the cover on the 4x6 softbox to get a higher output on the main. If I had kept a Kodak, I would end up replacing the pair of 1200 WS on main and primary fill with 3200 WS, using those 1200 WS to replace the hair light and "floating" light, put the pair of 600 WS that this freed up on background, and we'd have 16,400 WS in the studio.

and somehow, also despite using two of the
most popular lens mounts around, failed to gain traction.

A product has to stand on its own merits and faults no matter what
mount it uses. Nobody suggested that Sigma would become a major
player all of a sudden if they started supporting the EF or Nikon
mount. The most anybody ever suggested was that they'd get 10x the
sales. 10x the current sales of Sigma probably wouldn't count as
'gaining traction' for you if it were under another brand. In fact,
it'd probably not even register on your radar.

Yup. If anything troublesome is on the radar at Nikon or Canon, I'd guess it's these, more or less in order:

In body AS at Pentax and Sony
The strength of the Sony name
Canon full frame (at Nikon)
Nikon's mind share at the D50 and D70 level (at Canon)
How much parallelism exists between Nikon and Canon
Canon's rep for low light (at Nikon)

Yes, I had a Minolta SLR some time ago. But lets get real here,
lots of those old lenses are no longer in circulation or nearly as
desirable or usable as the more modern lenses. If you are going to
count every Minolta lens that still exists for that system I claim
every M-42 lens for the Sigma side of things since I can (and do)
use them with an adaptor. In fact I still consider it to be viable
if SD-10 users want a tilt/shift lens (or we can use an adapted
K-Mount with a little actual work).

Any camera system can use adapters for other mounts. You just lose
things like AF and get things like stop-down metering...

There are obsoleted Minolta lenses and then there are lenses that
are still truly used all the time. The Beercan (an old 70-210 f4)
for example is very popular, it seems.


They could but they do not. That is indeed a marketing error in my

The ads put out now are for EF mount, Nikon mount and other common
mounts. If they include an ad for the SD10 or SD14, people could
enter camera stores, find that there are neither SD10s nor lenses
for them in stock, (or worse yet, buy one and not find the other)
and leave the stores in great confusion.

SA mount makes Sigma an "internet only" brand. There's a large number of customers who have a need to get their hands on something. About three years ago, we had a local store decide that they were going to save money on display models and just put Canon mount Sigmas, Tamrons, and Tokinas out on display. That brilliant move lasted all of two months.

Offering the cameras in common mounts solves that problem neatly.

Or if they have a larger goal and are simply more patient than
people that depand Sigma grow to the size of Canon in a quarter,
missing the progress they do make.

People seem unwilling to see that as a goal of Sigma despite the
obviousness of the steps they are taking, along with public
statements proclaiming basically that!

Oh, I know what their goals are, I just don't think they have the
chance of a chunk of ice in hell of achieving them!

There are a company's actual goals, and what they say the goals are in press releases. The two are seldom the same.

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