D80 I am amazed!

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D80 I am amazed!

Every since I sold my Canon 20D a year and a half ago to go for the D200 I have not had a lot of success with cams.

Unfortunately the D200 I received was one of the long banding cams, it went to Nikon three times.

I loved the layout and controls, flash and everything about the camera but the noise I was getting in the shadows and above 400-800 on my particular cam was unacceptable as well as long banding which could not be removed from the cam.

Nikon gladly refunded the money for the cam and I waited on Canon to bring out the 30D.

One should never experience matrix metering and I-TTL flash performance, the D200 spoiled me in these areas.

I later sold the 30D; the feeling was just not there and was slowly loosing my interest in photography.
I was using my wife’s Sony DSC-H1 for all my routine shooting of routine areas!
I had really no interest in the (for me hobby) at all.

By chance I checked out several weeks ago this forum and those who were posting about the D80 as well as Phil’s review of the camera.

I did a lot of research and read many of the reviews particularly the number of data lines being read form the sensor.

I decided to give it a go so today courtesy of Competitive Camera here in Dallas I picked up the D80 and the old reliable Nikon 18-70mm lens.

The control layout, menus and viewfinder remind me so much of the D200, the LCD which I fell in love with on the D200 is there also.
The cam is bit smaller but fits my medium sized hand very well.

Battery charged, a little tweaking in the menu’s, noise reduction off, low sharpening to start I fired off a few flash and A mode frames.

This is a baby D200 and I am so impressed with the cams performance, not as fast as the D200 is some areas but the quality is there, the I-TTL and matrix metering is there. Yahoo...

I shot a few frames at 400-800 ISO In my honest opinion this cam produces very nice images in this ISO range.

Enough rambling I am so pumped over this cam, the feeling is finally back it has been a long time coming.

Just to really say hello to the forum members here; tomorrow I am going to have some fun!
It is true dynamite comes in small packages!!!!


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