An affordable but fast Photoshop machine?

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Re: An affordable but fast Photoshop machine?

CasEdge TS-01 mid tower case (black/silver)

  • I don't know it. I'm looking at an Antec P180/P150 - the P150 is quiet and comes with a power supply which is allegedly quite good.

Enermax FMAII 535W dual fan power supply

  • Again I don't know it but you shouldn't need a 530W supply. You sould try a 430W Seasonic which has a good reputation. If you ge the Antec P150 you don't need this. The P150 is available in black as the Antec Solo.

ASUS P5WD2E-P mainboard

  • I would go Asus P5W DH Deluxe

Intel Core2Duo E6400 CPU

  • Given the savings elsewhere, you could get the E6600 which is slightly faster (2.4GHz) and has more cache (4MB).

Coolermaster Hyper L3 CPU cooler

  • Depends on whether it's quiet enough without this. You could always do without it and use a retail CPU which comes with a cooler I believe.

Crucial 2GB DDR2-800 Ballistix memory kit

  • You could use PC5400 memory. I'm not sure if this will limit the performance or not but I don't believe so and it will be cheaper.

MSI nVidia 7600GT 256MB PCI-E video card

  • I would look at the Gigabyte 7600GT SilentPipe (no fans)

Western Digital 250GB SATA2 16MB 7200rpm hard drive

  • My choice

Vantec all-in-one internal memory card reader (black)

  • Yep

LG H10N 16x DL DVD+ -RW drive (black)

Microsoft or Logitech basic keyboard & optical wheel mouse bundle (black)
Microsoft Windows XP Home (oem)

  • Can't really go wrong with these. Make sure you get a genuine XP CD so you can reinstall if necessary.


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