Real Full Frame sensor

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Real Full Frame sensor

My EOS 5D is a great tool. It has its problems but IQ is amazing. There are lots of things I would like to be different with this camera and most of these things have been written about extensively here on dpreview. But I have not yet heard of anybody talking about putting a larger sensor in the camera, an improvement I think would be worth more than any other, including the long awaited anti dust and sensor IS systems. Such an upgrade would be from today’s Full Frame to what I will call Real Full Frame (see the exert below from Wikipedia on full frame). I see no reason why this is not possible within the current DSLR systems. Only a few lens hoods, angle finders and probably a few other loose parts would have to be exchanged. Not a big expense for a big upgrade.

FF: 36mmx24mm
RFF 36mmx36mm

Which equals a 50% increase in sensor size – nice to crop from! Or nice extra pixels if cropping is not necessary.

The logic behind this upgrade is the same as for square medium camera systems. Why carry around heavy lenses if not almost all the circular image created by the lens is used to expose the sensor or film? I see no reason in using one logic when making a medium format system and another logic when making a 35mm FF system. FF is heavy – RFF would be about the same but with a much larger image to crop from because the image had not allready been cropped by the sensor.

This upgrade would be costly no doubt. Probably manufacturer would have to make new machines etc. but my guess is that it would not increase costs by 50% - the increase in sensor size.

So I would like RFF to be the future evolution of the current FF DSLRs since it lets the photographer in choice of the crop and not the camera manufacturers. And maybe the next evolution after that would be Circular Full Frame, CFF, using all the light from the lens – a true FF camera system.

So do you like or dislike the idea of RSFF and do you think it is at all realistic?

Exert from Wikipedia about full frame DSLR:

Full frame digital SLR
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A full frame digital SLR is a digital single-lens reflex camera built for a pre-existing range of photographic lenses that takes full advantage of the image circle of those lenses by having an imager that is the full size of the film frame the lenses were designed to cover.

It follows from the above definition that cameras using a lens mount that was designed for digital SLRs (such as the Olympus Four Thirds System) are not full frame cameras. Similarly, a camera using a hypothetical new mount system and featuring a 24mm x 36mm sensor (the size of a 35mm film frame) would not be full frame. In practice, however, the term is often used to simply mean a camera having sensor the same size as a full 35mm frame,

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