Canon G7: More pics and movies from photokina.

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Canon G7: More pics and movies from photokina.

I´ve uploaded some more G7-pics and movies:

Like in the thread before I give some facts:

pics are not processed in image editing, no crop only clipped to 16:10 because I can look at my widescreen
monitor in fullscreen modus.

  • focal length is about 58mm (35mm film)

  • no looking through windows

  • in the background is a photo wallpaper but all other things are real

First pics you can compare ISOs.

These indoors pics in that difficult ambient light tell me at my first impression that noise is no problem at 80, 100 and 200 (hey pixelandnoisecounters, throw your magnifying-glass away sometimes )

At iso 400 and 800 noise is better than my old A620 and much much better than my current Pana TZ1.
Iso 1600 and 3200 is only for taking pics of men from mars in the dark.

I like iso 400 and 800. With Neat Image it looks good to me. If you don´t like the noise than really go better with DSLR.

The next pics show different focal length and pics with/without telekonverter.

Please, don´t forget: All these pics are no real testshots because i had not enough time at the canon stand and there was a lot of people who want to try the G7.

640x480 = 18MB:
1028x768 = 25MB:
Download takes a little time.

My first conclusion: I think I could like this digicam,

Because it seems to me that this G7 comes near to DSLR-image-quality if you stay at ISO 80-200.

I belong to the people who like RAW but had no more time to work with. So no raw processing is not really a problem for me. I would be glad if there were a vari-angle LCD-monitor, but most DSLR don´t have it.

The G7 is compact (it fits into my pocket but I had to give it back to the friendly Canon people ), feels very solid (metal), operation is very good with the turning wheel on the backside and I like the optical viewfinder and 6x zoom lens. And if you want you can buy a wide and teleconverter ( you perhaps get DSLR-feeling, too). So you have a 10Mpixel Cam with range from 26mm up to 420mm for 600,- EURO streetprice Germany ( 435,- Euro for Camera only). Try this with a DSLR.

Just my opinion.
So lets wait for a review here at dpreview.

Simon, when can we expect a review of the G7 ?


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