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Re: Spoken to Jessops again.UPDATE

vinny wrote:

Spoke to the managaer of the shop where i bought my camera from.He
was told yesterday that Jessops wanted to sell the camera below the
RRP.They want to sell it below £1000. but still retain there
margin.So Nikon has called there bluff and said Ok if you dont sell
at the RRP you wont sell it at all and withdrawn all stock from
This has really intrigued me so investagating till to the ends of
the earth and beyond.
This sounds like a very logical reason,being in the retail jungle
myself this happens all the time.But Jessops are the biggest
retailers of cameras in the uk 280 plus branches.If this is true
Nikon are eing very brave on this one.

So untill we hear otherwise this sounds reasonable unless you know

It does not make sense. Almost no-one sells the D200 at the RRP anyway. It is conceivable there is a minimum level specified by Nikon, and anyone going below it is removed from the list of approved dealers. Companies sometimes do this so as to prevent a 'rogue' dealer from undercutting everyone, and reducing margins to zilch. They also sometimes do it to preserve a high price and hence preserve the snob value of a product.

I know Leica fix minimum selling prices.

However, my experience is never trust Jessops staff.


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