Who here would NOT purchase the 400D, and Why?

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A big expensive DSLR gives you (or at least it is supposed to) more frecuent and consistently acceptable images, through better autofocus/autoexposure system, faster shoot rate and specially through easier control over basic parameters. To some extent it is also a promise to have some more resistance to harsh conditions. It is in general terms a better quality tool.

However, it will NOT give you significantly better images, it just makes your life easier getting them. 6 to 10 mpx is just starting to be significant, but still it's not a huge difference in IQ (it can make a difference when you print big). 8 to 10 mpx is negligible.

A 50 euros -digital- P&S is usually significantly worst is almost all aspects, including image quality, and I'm not talking about pixel count. 100 euros could be just enough for most people, though.... but then we can't play the "mine is bigger" game....

Anthony de Vries wrote:

Sosua wrote:

A new camera makes life nicer, and you may even be able to brag to
your freinds if they care, but be sure of one thing - your photos
will not improve. They may be slightly larger / noisier / softer /
sharper - but they will not be transformed by a gadget.

So why use a big expensive DSLR? Let's all simply use a 50 euro P&S!

After all, that silly DSLR gadget won't make any difference to the
pictures we make!

Or does it?

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