Who here would NOT purchase the 400D, and Why?

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Re: Because 500D is just around the corner...

Jovo wrote:

Since I do a lot of birding, if I get a FF camera, it no longer
gives me the 1.6x crop factor. The 400mm + 1.4x TC gives me a FOV
896mm, compared to just 560mm with a FF.

It's not quite that simple...

First, it's not the crop factor, but the difference in pixel density that makes the difference.

Second, you really should compare a FF with a 1.4xTC to a 1.6x crop without a TC. That will give you roughly the same amount of MP over the field of view.

In the end, the crop camera still wins... but by a much smaller margin than you indicate. However, it does so while being a LOT cheaper.

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