Product Naming - requesting more feedback

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Product Naming - requesting more feedback

I've posted this as a new thread because I wanted to try to gather more responses to this topic.

I really appreciate all the passion you have all demonstrated about how our cameras are named. I've been at this for 11 years, every since our first "consumer" digicam, the DC40 (consumer as opposed to professional - the price tag back then would be considered way out of line compared to today's cams) and I've seen all kinds of naming schemes come and go from many manufacturers. It does me good to know that you're all concerned about this and about our cameras....thanks very much....8^)

I certainly won't be able to change anything about our camera names right away, but I do use your input and feedback in my work with marketing and I want to reassure you that your voices are not alone.

There were a couple of points made in the discussions on another thread that caught more of my attention and I just wanted to address those.

First I was troubled by the issue of "brand". A point was made that when a customer asks in a store about Coolpix, PowerShot, Mju, Optio, etc., he's shown the range of cameras from the appropriate manufacturer. That troubles me because that seems to indicate a lack of awareness that our brand is EasyShare, as in Kodak EasyShare C643, etc.

Second, a point was made about our naming scheme compared to other brands and how it's a "failure" because it's not descriptive enough of the product or it's confusing. In the other thread I thought that I had tried to probe on that one and tried to cite examples of how our scheme works currently (I also indicated that obviously last year's names were a departure and believe me, I've felt the impact of that a lot more than any of you have...8^) and tried to get some feedback on what was good about other brands' model names and what you could tell about the cameras or how you would know that you were more interested in one model than another just from their product names - because that was the original direction of that topic. I didn't receive any direct response to that, but there was contention that our scheme would eventually fail and that you could always tell what was new or better in other brands lines because they incremented their numbers with newer models. There were also various references that our family names weren't a good match to the cameras themselves and needed improvement.

So.......I'm looking for some reall feedback on this. Product naming is a very important part of any manufacturer's message about their products so I'd like to know...........Specifically:

1) Were you aware that our camera brand is EasyShare and do you think this has as much recognition in the market as do PowerShot, Coolpix, CyberShot, etc.

2) What do you all like or dislike about our camera names ?; (and please don't be hypothetical - be specific about today's names. If you make up reasons why you think our naming will fail in the future, that doesn't help me out at all) Also please don't rehash that some of last years names don't match up with this year's names - e.g. Z730, Z740, Z760 etc. - I know that already - believe me I know.

3) Do you think other brands names are better, if so, why?; Try to think about whether you like Brand X names better because you already know a lot about their brand or whether the camera name itself tells you what you want to know.

4) And this is the most involved - Do other brands' names better identify to you what the camera is all about, if so, why ? Do you already know about their "series", are the names more/less descriptive, that sort of thing. I'm not looking for blind rhetoric here. IOW don't just say that you know such and such is better because it has a higher number - I've already proved to myself by looking at specific information on all other major brands that this is often not a correct assumption.

I really am interested in your feedback. Obviously I can't promise that any significant changes will result from your efforts, but I'm still hoping to collect as much feedback and opinion as you are willing to give.
Thanks for anything you wish to contribute.
Mike O'Brien
Eastman Kodak Company

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