D40 should have...

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Re: D40 should have...

I doubt the replacment for the 30D will have FF sensor... that would seem like that should be left for the sucsessor to the 5D... unless Canon were to abandon the APS-C sensor in all but the DRebel series, and I think that is unlikely.

What I'd like to see... is at least one full time high precsion focus point on the 30D replacement... The idea that you have to have f2.8 or better lenses to get 1/3rd focal depth precsion is annoying to me... I'd probably upgrade to a 30D replacement for this feature along with a 10MP Digic II sensor and all the current features of the 30D. Perticularly if they keep the price at abut $1200 or less...

SkyTamer wrote:

Digic III
Full Frame
10 MP
On Board editing
Exposure compensation software
Digital Photo Pro with seamless upload to Photoshop
Editable shutter sound, -silent-mode-.
IS body (which could also sync and compensate with IS lenses)
integrated flash trigger (place flash unit in point A, ignite from
camera body at point B)

for about $2,600.00

Anyone knows when the 30D and 20D are to be upgraded?

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