Who here would NOT purchase the 400D, and Why?

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I'm not dreaming that much!

strikeback03 wrote:

ok, most of those are viable, but 30fps at full resolution is not.
obviously it's way beyond the capabilities of a shutter, so it
would be electronically handled. and HD video is far lower
resolution than 8-10MP, so it is not realistic to expect that
bandwidth at all.

but it seems you basically want a high-quality video camera with a
larger sensor.

I don't want a video camera, and the sensor size is just fine. I just want some of the High-end technology to trickle down to the still camera market. I think most people are happy with having a digital version of the SLRs design that manufacturers have been making for years. I'd just like to see more innovation.

30fps at full resolution is viable in terms of speed and resolution. Just look at the kind of sensors DALSA are making. 8 megapixels at up to 36fps Progressive! Although I agree about the shutter part.

HD is much lower resolution (about 2 megapixels).

And full-time live preview tould be possible through semitransparent mirrors, something that would require much thinking out-of-the-box.

And yes, I'll keep on dreaming

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