Required - still life set up for sample!

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Peter Berressem Forum Pro • Posts: 10,647
Re: step off

bd555 wrote:

I am afraid Peter is being rather precious about professionalism in
photography and using arguments that he has not followed through.
Please view is website for example, if he applied his logic to
himself he would not be advertising his skills on a DIY website.

Firstly, my dear, I didn't enter a web designer's forum for help, asking how to professionally create a web site with which application and asking for a tutorial on the suggested app.

Quite the reverse, my funny site, which's importance is negligible to me, was built by an apprentice of mine in good humour.

Should I ever see the neccessity for a serious relaunch I'll of course hire professionals of your trade and experience, you bet!

BTW, I like the puppy shot!

I admit, I've no clue what 'puppy shot' means

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cheers, Peter


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