Who here would NOT purchase the 400D, and Why?

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Re: Because 500D is just around the corner...

Luis is quite right. The 400D offers very little over the 350D to make it worth upgrading for the owner of a 350D.

It's not nearly the same as the significant improvements in speed and features that the 350D offered over the 300D.

LuisG wrote:
...it is so much better, faster and cheaper than the 450D it

Seriously, I see no point in upgrading from 350D, throwing more
money on a marginally improved body with such a short life cycle,
it will not make better / different / nicer images.

I will skip 1, 2 or even 3 body generations, unless it breaks or

If I were in the market now for a new camera, I'd consider 400D.

snapware wrote:

Who here would NOT purchase the 400D, and Why?

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