The HP LP2065: an excellent S-IPS LCD display on a budget

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The HP LP2065: an excellent S-IPS LCD display on a budget

The 5th-generation LG Phillips LM201U05 S-IPS LCD is arguably the most well-regarded 20-inch panel in all sub-$1500 monitors. Displays based on this panel command a premium: LaCIE charges $1400 for their 320, and NEC asks $1,000 for their LCD2090UXi.

But can a $390 HP display really have the same panel as the NEC and LaCIE?

It can. And it does.

PictureLake and I discussed the HP LP2065 at length in this thread:

It culminated with my purchase of the display with the intent of disassembling it to identify its true character.

I took delivery of the LP2065 a few hours ago; the panel came apart easily after just 8 screws (see photos below). Mine was revision "GSM000", assembled in May 2006. I did not photograph the actual LG Phillips model number because that would have required more invasive measures, but I did see the "LM201U05" with my own two eyes, and it looks exactly like the photo from this Czeck article (below):

I haven't bought a colorometer yet (I'm still trying to decide on the best one; that's even harder than choosing a monitor), so I don't know what the Delta E is.

Before I gush too much, I feel I should state several caveats. First, HP could be using lower quality versions of the panel. Wikipedia indicates that "raw LCD TFT panels are usually factory-sorted into three categories, with regard to the number of dead pixels, backlight evenness and general product quality...the best screens are usually reserved for use in 'professional' grade TFT monitors":

Yet there are no dead pixels in my copy, and the backlight is very even to my untrained eye; so perhaps it is 'professional' grade. It is, after all, in HP's "business" line of products, whatever that's worth.

Second, It's possible that HP will change the display in future revisions, like Dell does (the "lottery"). PictureLake and I have gotten conflicting responses from HP tech support on this point, but I don't think they will.

HP includes several niceties at this price point: a solid, rotating stand, two USB ports, dual inputs (DVI or analog), and a three year warranty that includes the backlight. I do not detect any faint high-pitched signal noise like some users have reported with their displays (my Samsung did that anytime I turned the sound on.) Since I have what I consider to be the quietest computer possible, that's important to me.

In summary, I highly recommend this monitor for people who want a world-class color-critical LCD display for a third of the price of the competition.

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