Who here would NOT purchase the 400D, and Why?

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Re: Who here would NOT purchase the 400D, and Why?

First off I think you need to exclude happy 350D users from this thread for the results to be real. (no offense guys) We've all heard countless people saying "no" simply because they had 350D and while this is a fair enough reason it is not a reflection of the 400D's abilities and more of a reflection of people having what they need from a previous model. It would be like me saying I won't buy a 2007 Toyota Corolla because I already own a 2005 model.

I would buy one and I did.

My reason for buying the XTi is this... As someone moving from an Olympus C750UZ I found it was time to upgrade when my camera started bugging out on me during a Flaming Lips concert I went to. I've always wanted a DSLR but the price was too much for me. The XTi was released the same month I got an extra paycheck and a month before my birthday making it have no impact on my monthly budget. I read a ton of reviews, played with it at the local camera shop and compared it to the D80 (the only other option I've considered) and found I liked the way it felt and the way the settings worked more (probably because of where I'm coming from)

The XTi was a cheap way for me to jump into the DSLR world and see if I wanted to play the game. It's made by a reputable company with an investment in the DSLR market. I plan to spend some money on some new lenses as I get extra cash, then when I make my move back east and experience the pay raise I know I can get from it I will probably get whatever the upgrade to the D30 is and give the XTi to my wife.

I've enjoyed the 1000 or so photos I've taken with my XTi and although my skills are still lacking I'm finding significant improvements every day.

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