What's wrong with my 20D?

Started Sep 22, 2006 | Discussions thread
jhvl Forum Member • Posts: 68
It is in fact so easy :o)

Just a few tips if you want to shoot jpeg, not RAW:

1. use sRGB colorspace, NOT adobeRGB. adobeRGB looks dull when viewed with sRGB software which most is. Read the manual to find out how.

2. Adjust image parameters in 20D to give you more sharpening, contrast and saturation. Parameters are from the factory set low to allow for postprocessing. Read the manual to find out how.

3. Watch your histogram. You camera might underexpose even when you don't expect it. hit the info button to make it show you the histogram after each image, correct exposure if needed and shoot again.

This should get you on the right track.

Failure to comply will lead to dull images

...a photograph is a copy of a moment.

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