What's wrong with my 20D?

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Ah, but you ...

You excerised terrific compostion.

Foreground elements are sharp.
Foliage on right side acts as a natural frame.

All seperations, foreground, middle ground
and background horizons are aligned along the R.O.T.'s.

Adding emphasis to the naturally occuring contrasting "Flowing" of the landscapes curvature.

Your usage of vertical ROTs also adds compelling elements

and dynamics to this image. Low points of each "Range" is placed along the Left third, whiel the High point of each Range is placed along teh Right Third.

I agree with you completely about his lack of contrast, though I disagree with the need to shoot with the Sun at your back.

Just as excellent Landscapes can be acheived with 200mm lens, so too can one acheive a terrific landscape,w itout strecthing it to infinity and into the less contrasty areas.

The OP second image, cropped effectively, looks pretty darn good, on my monitor, right now. No PS other than selective cropping.

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Dave Patterson
'When the light and composition are strong, nobody
notices things like resolution or pincushion distortion'
Gary Friedman

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