What's wrong with my 20D?

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Your first image has one dull sky, no doubt about it.

The second image is starting to get some blue sky adn it is a much more interesting image.

Also, read post where you do not think a polariser would be much use
Think so, huh? Let's see...

Going back to the second image, look at the shadow caste by the gate. As evidenced by that shadow, you are slightly off a 90 degree to the sun.

Know what being an exact 90 degree angle to the sun does? regardles of the time of the day? GIVES YOUR IMAGES BLUE SKIES.

Know why?

I don't either, other than that it has to do with the angle of the suns light bouncing around the atmosphere, in relation to the the type of light that is allowed to enter your camera.

Pretty much what a polariser does, without using a polariser.

I highly recommend visitng an Art Museum. See how the Masters made for an interesting image. Study photographical Compostion. Learn about Depth of Field. Experiment with both Focus points and points from which one focuses

In other words, get off your feet and on your Rump, even lay down on your stomache & see what that does to your images.

Bottom line, you can have the most expensive camera in the world, if you do not know how to use it, it is not going to give you good images.

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Dave Patterson
'When the light and composition are strong, nobody
notices things like resolution or pincushion distortion'
Gary Friedman

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