Who here would NOT purchase the 400D, and Why?

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No reason to change

I am sure there are far better cameras available than my 350D including the 400D by why would I change when I don't believe I am even using 30% of the features of my 350D. I cannot understand why people are so quick to upgrade when in most cases there will be no improvement in their photos (from what I have seen) because of the upgrade. My 350D is so more advanced than the totally manual Nikon F I used for some 30+ years (without a hiccup) but has the standard of my photography changed greatly, not really! I find it hard to comprehend why people jump on the band wagon to change as soon as new camera arrives on the scene. Why don't we all concentrate on creating better pictures than making more profits for the camera manufacturers.

Why not spend more time taking photos with the equipment you have than worrying about the fact that you don't own the 'new kid on the block'.

I keep looking at my wall where I have 3 photos by Sanford Roth (of Picasso. Stravinsky and Hitchcock taken between 1954-56) and thinking if they where put on this forum today they would be critised for their image quality rather than their subject matter and composition.

It worries me how caught up in technology we have become instead of creating emotive, story telling images.

Just my thoughts.



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