Who here would NOT purchase the 400D, and Why?

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Re: Still lousy ergonomics.

I picked one up today... I had heard that the grip was improved over the 350D... however it still feels funny in my hand. I supose maybe I would eventualy get used to it's small size... but when I first pick one up, it feels like I'm going to get a cramp in m hand holding on to it. This is with the kit lens on it... hard to imagine how it would feel with a lens that weights twice as much... I am truely baffled why Canon chooses to make the body that small... I guess they have some marketing folks telling them that smaller is better, or something... All I know is that it just doesn't feel good in my hand.

The LCD looked good in the store, however I'm concerned what it would look like outdoors in bright light... If that doesn't work well it would be the last straw for any consideration I would give of this camera.

jagge wrote:

snapware wrote:

Who here would NOT purchase the 400D, and Why?

I would consider schwitching from Nikon IF they have solved the
ergonomics. It still is quite bad to me so its not a consideration.
Furthermore i tried a 20D and that wheel on the body is cool.

I think they should have made that grib just a tad wider.
Furthermore i think it really seems that the D80 offers way more
for the price but i guess its a bit more expensive. If the upcoming
comparrison shows IQ to be on par, and especially if the high iso
is on par in the two then i would never consider a 400D over a D80.

I think Canon need a d50 meaning a more compact cam with great
ergonomics, a downscale version of the 30D. To me the perfect house
seems to be from pentax. Small but superiour build, viewfinder and
so on. Going to Pentax just is to great a step for me :0)

Best wishes


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