What's wrong with my 20D?

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Can you post the RAW file?

I didn't read all of the posts but aRGB is not bad...it is just limiting in that only software that recognizes aRGB will see it correctly and not desaturated and washed out. If you want to use it because it has a wider color gamut than why not use the wider ProPhoto RGB?

If you are shooting RAW I guess WB doesn't matter since you can change it with the software but you might want to flip through the WB settings when shooting. You might find one you like better.

Tim Corso wrote:

Thanks to every one for the mostly helpful comments.

I don't buy the idea that Adobe RGB is a bad setting. Well yes, if
you're sending to the web, but this wasn't my intention. I only
put them there for you guys to comment. Anyway if I convert to sRGB
I should be OK.

It's interesting to see some of the correction results that have
been attempted. I can see that a trip to England would show some of
you how green it really is. Yes there is a lot of vegetation that
has gone over as Autumn draws near, but fundamentally the hills are
mostly green.

Remembering that I want better shots out of the camera without any
requirement for PP. I think I am getting better results by doing
the following

1. using sRGB (removes any doubt)
2. removed the skylight filter I was using in favour of a UV
(advice from local camera store)
3. Started using daylight WB

Anyway excepting that the images I have posted need correction,
here's my attempt this time from DPP (never used this before always
used ACR), for the first shot:

Second image to follow

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