What's wrong with my 20D?

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There's a lot of good advice here

But I haven't seen this one (I might have missed it).

If you're going to stitch photos together for a panorama, the exposure of all the frames should be the same. This may partially negate previous comments about exposure being off, if such adjustment was needed for frames not shown.

You also need a consistent color balance among all the frames. So don't use AWB. For a situation like this, use a custom white balance using your favorite tool, be it a white card, grey card, coffee filter, or something else. Use the same custom white balance for all frames. Or use a built in color balance like a daylight setting.

For presenting on the web, you should convert to sRGB first. To remedy these pictures, you can do that simply enough. To bring out the color, also try duplicating the layer and setting blend mode to soft light. This will be easy to apply to all your images and will retain the color fidelity, just make it a bit more vivid and contrasty.

Here I post your pictures followed by the same pictures simply converted to sRGB and having the layer duplicated with soft light blend mode. If the effect is stronger than you like, just dial down the opacity.

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