What's wrong with my 20D?

Started Sep 22, 2006 | Discussions thread
Olaf.dk Veteran Member • Posts: 3,332
Apart from all that has been said already...

...I think it looks like your parameter settings are all set too low for what you want - it really looks like contrast and saturation is set to -2. Try using Parameter setting 'Parameter 1' or go even further by setting the Parameter setting to 'Set 1', 'Set 2' or 'Set 3' and then selecting +2 on contrast, saturation and sharpness. On a 20D, this will yield images more like what I think you are after, right out of the camera. Also, what lens were you using? A lot of Sigma lenses are known to suffer from the 'Sigma Stigma' - a warm yellowish tint...

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