What's wrong with my 20D?

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Re: Nobody has hit on it...

iMac, therefore iAm wrote:

Both of those shots are suffering from loss of contrast due the
glare of the sun.

Yes it was bright with the sun more-or-less behind me

Especially the second one. It also wouldn't

surprise me if a lens hood isn't being used, but that alone is not
enough to prevent this effect. If the sun isn't behind you, you're
shooting in glare. Even with a hood I feel these pics are pretty
much at their in-camera limit.

Lens hood wa used

As this thread shows, correction in photoshop may boost colors, or
contrast, but will not produce a natural looking scene.

A polarizer 'might' have helped the first shot, but would have done
nothing for the second shot.

Next time you're outside on a sunny day, look around 360 degrees.
You'll see half the landscape in good contrast and rich color and
the other half in less contrast and drab colors. Stop shooting the
low contrast/low color scenes, and focus on the brightly lit and
saturated scenes.

But this is what I want to photograph. It's part of a panorama (4 images) and its something I like, may be not a photographic gem, but I like the scene

And for those who say good shots are only achieved during early or
late light, I offer this shot taken at the height of daylight...
with the sun at my back.

I know all about taking early/late shoots somtimes thats not possible, I am willing to compromise because of this, but I still dont expect brown images. In fact I have some early moring brown images as well!

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