Who here would NOT purchase the 400D, and Why?

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Re: Still lousy ergonomics.

jagge wrote:

snapware wrote:

Who here would NOT purchase the 400D, and Why?

I would consider schwitching from Nikon IF they have solved the
ergonomics. It still is quite bad to me so its not a consideration.
Furthermore i tried a 20D and that wheel on the body is cool.

A matter of usage. I myself have not find any convenient way to use the front control dial - that's when the grib rubber is in place as when loose I guess nobody can use that dial.

But when trying to use my index finger there is not any space to put that to use the dial, and when I try to use mu middle finger the grip is only with 2 fingers frontside which feels very odd.

But perhaps this is good for finger execersises.

I think they should have made that grib just a tad wider.
Furthermore i think it really seems that the D80 offers way more
for the price but i guess its a bit more expensive. If the upcoming
comparrison shows IQ to be on par, and especially if the high iso
is on par in the two then i would never consider a 400D over a D80.

I think Canon need a d50 meaning a more compact cam with great
ergonomics, a downscale version of the 30D. To me the perfect house
seems to be from pentax. Small but superiour build, viewfinder and
so on. Going to Pentax just is to great a step for me :0)

Best wishes


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