Who here would NOT purchase the 400D, and Why?

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Re: Who here would NOT purchase the 400D, and Why?

I love the way people pontificate about the 350/400D, especially when they do not own one. The kit lens is not very poor quality. Stopped down, in the right hands, it can produce very good results. I have several albums full of A4 size prints to prove it.

Admittedly the 400D shines when used with L grade lenses, but that probably applies to any dSLR with a 10MP sensor.

Where did you glean that Canon doesn't have a very clear idea what to do with EF-S lenses? How do you explain the release of the expensive 17-55 F2.8 IS?

As for better other brand choices, no doubt you can speak without authority about those as well.

trojkat wrote:

In fact I started my adventure with DSLR's in May. The main reason
for me to not buy 350D was the very poor quality of the kit lens.
Moreover I felt that Canon's selection of reasonably priced
kit'like lenses is quite poor. It seems that Canon doesnt's have
very clear idea what to do with EF-S lenses, probably they don't
want to kill they FF sales, so they do not invest too much in the
croped segment. Other reason was Nikon's superb flash system, of
course it depends on the style of shooting, but I use my flash in
wireless mode quite often.

The same applies to 400D. In short, there are better choices.

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