Who here would NOT purchase the 400D, and Why?

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Almost got XTI

I almost got the xti, I went to the store, things that put me off are, the sensor that shut off lcd, lcd should only turn on for menus and picture preview, second screen is gone. It's small and screams look at me I'm plastic and has a cheap feel, Only uses CF, if you bend the pins you screwed.

I also looked at the D80 as an alternative, it's the dimentions of a D50 wich I think is still too small including the grip (I have long fingers), The viewfinder was amazing, it's same size as D200. I would love if canon rolled out with a 18-200IS lens I feel there is no in between, I find nikon offers a more affortable starting range, then when you need distance and speed canon kicks in.

What won me over with the D80 was the viewfinder (huge) otherwise I would have gotten an XTI, still doing research on wich to get because the body is only partial of the initial investements, you gotta go with the company that offers accessories according to your needs lenses, flashes ect. Hopefully canon offer soon a 40D (30D was a 20D with a bigger lcd) or at least OFFER and intro level consumer camera that doesen't feel like it will fall appart, canon needs to fill in the gap. make the 40D higher end offer some new things and then offer a different model to fill in the gap. Honestly to me anything smaller than a 20D, D70 feels a little on the small side for me. I am leaning towards a D80 or the 40D (if it comes out soon).

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