Who here would NOT purchase the 400D, and Why?

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Nope... waiting for a paradigm shift.

I know I'm dreaming but...

I had this very same conversation with friends over lunch. The only true performance enhancement we saw was the RAW burst (but I can live with JPEG when I need speed).

I'm waiting for MAJOR changes such as:

In-body IS
Live LCD preview
An even more sensitive sensor
Full-motion video
Swivel-and-tilt LCD

Continuous full-res shooting (shoot 10 seconds @ 30fps and choose the best frame).

Most of these don't exist yet in an SLR, but We've seen these in one form or another in prototypes / other types of cameras, etc.

What I'm saying is that digital technologies strive at first to match their analog counterparts. We can safely say that we've reached that part now with SLRs. What follows is usually the real revolution. Technology goes beyond the scope of what was possible with traditional means. Just look at Desktop publishing, digital audio (midi, sampling, post-production), movie special effects. Digital technology imitates traditional analog technology at first so that its users don't feel disoriented. Once the technology is widely accepted, then the manufacturers start pushing the envelope. Cameras 10 years from now won't have anything to do with the tools we know now.

Sure the 400D has some nifty features. Fut I can frankly say that I won't ever say "this 350D shot would have been better if shot with a 400D". It just provides added convenience. At least for my kind of picture-taking.

Just my 2 cents.


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