What's wrong with my 20D?

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Re: What's wrong with my 20D?

beerguy wrote:

Tim Corso wrote:

Or may be whats wrong with what I am doing? I've had my 20D a
little over a year now and it nearly always fails to impress me.
The main issue I have with it is the consistent dull and brown
looking images that I get. Take a look at a couple of typical shots

BTW both shots were taken on a bright blue sky sunny day, virtually
no clouds

Sorry beerguy, but I prefer the original. I think it should look more like this, but even this is not perfect since it doesn't look like a sunny day.

I added a Curves layer (quick S-Curve to bring up mid-range
contrast), and a slight Saturation boost (+6). Also, when you post
to the web, convert to sRGB from aRGB. At least some PP is usually

I think that the white balance is getting it wrong most of the
time. Generally I use AWB and usually shoot RAW+JPG knowing that
RAW is the only way I'm going to get any kind of satisfaction.
Sometimes I use my Whilbal, but that isn't as fool proof as some
would have you believe.

I never use AWB, I find that Canon's AWB gets it wrong quite often.
Also, AWB will rob you of the early morning or late afternoon
quality of light. I use daylight when shooting during the day. I
also shoot RAW, so I can tweak the WB if needed.

Anyway I don't want to be post processing every last picture,
particularly where I've been on holiday and have more than 800
shots to process. What I want is a more satisfying result straight
from that camera.

You'll have to shoot jpeg for that, and play with the in-camera
settings. I shoot RAW, as I like to have control over my images.

I really want to like the 20D but the poor results are killing my
enthusiasm for taking pictures. I'm beginning to force myself to
take my camera out with me, knowing that when I download my days
shots, I'm going to be disappointed.

You need to stop shooting in the middle of the day. Shoot some
sunrises or sunsets. Go for the "Golden Hour", the hour just after
sunrise or before sunset. Buy a polarizer, too.

Cameras don't take pictures, people do.

Any suggestions on how I can get better looking images straight
from the camera? I've explored all of the different parameter
settings to the point where I wonder if a 30D with picture styles
would help me? I have the 17-85 EFS lens which I think is OK, as
well as a 70-200 L f2.8 which is much revered, but both lenses
give, what to me, are disappointing results.

Shoot better subjects at better times of the day? Check my gallery
for some 20D images.

Shoot better pictures? What do you mean? Both shot are one in a number to be stitched into a panorama

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