What's wrong with my 20D?

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Re: dull brown subjects

I agree with the above poster. Your subjects are dull and brown. Show us something with some color and life to it !

Also, try changing the w/b to suit the lighlt rather than using awb. I change it all the time. Frequently, you will be shooting a series of shots under the same lighting conditions, so it isn't like you have to change every time you click the shutter. Bu doing that (changing w/b to suit the light) you can get a pretty good idea on the LCD review if your shots are correct re: color balance.

Check my pbase gallery of 20D images from Italy 2005 (by city using the 17-40 L) and Scandanavia / Russia (by city with the 17-85) to see how it works by changing w/b as needed.

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