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J Mankila
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Re: I tried it once and forgot the D200 :)

dirtee1 wrote:

Oh, I forgot the scroll dials altogether! They're very much like in
D200 and I like it far better than the sometimes slippery D70
dials. The only thing that bugs me is that the front dial is
situated a bit to the right compared to D70, which I will have to
get used to...

To the right of the front of the camera or the opposite?

I meant the right hand side from the back of the camera A bit confusing, eh..

And one more thing.. I don't like the material on the internal
flash. It feels too light - of course it means faster response when
it jumps up. And... Perhaps it goes to tell something about the
build quality that I'm complaining about something like this..

You mean on the D80? How would the material there be any different
from the rest of the body?

It is plastic, that's for sure. So is the rest of the body too, I think. But there is a difference. For instance, when you look at it in a good light, you can see that the flash piece material looks a bit lighter. I usually tap everything with a fingernail to hear how it sounds - weird, I know - and the flash piece sounds a bit lighter, too.

Ohh! But it doesn't affect anything!

Janne Mankila

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