Who here would NOT purchase the 400D, and Why?

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Re: A Pentax users 400D experience :)


I'm a Pentax DS shooter, but I'm off work, bored and browsing the forums. Thought I'd input my thoughts onto this thread based on a visit to Jessops (UK) today.

I was basically killing time, and I like window shopping, so I thought "Oooh, lets waste some of the salesmans time by asking to try a few cameras out."

So I thought I'd give the 400D a go. Now, I have used a friends 350, and to be honest, I was not impressed. I much prefered my DS (tho naturally I've gotten used to it), but I guess my main 350 dislikes were the grip and the buttons (felt a bit cheap).

Luckily they had a 50 f1.4 there, so he attached the lens and passed it to me. And here's the thing.... I liked it! And I really didn't think I would...
+ With the 50mm attached, the weight and balance felt very good

+ I'm still not a massive fan of the grip, but it seems slightly more prominent than the 350's and it felt a bit better.

+ The screen - ok, it's lame, but I really did like the big screen for reviewing shots

+ The fact that the eye-sensor thing works without you noticing it. You put your eye to the viewfinder, and the LCD goes off, take your eye away, and it comes back on, brilliant...

+ My favourite thing tho (and this may sound strange, but a few of you will understand) was the shutter sound! It was quiet compared to my DS and sounded much nicer than the 20D I had recently tried aswell (which, by the way, sounded, ummm, clunky?? Nice camera all the same)

And just to make sure it wasn't the 50mm making the experience biased, I put the 17-40 on, and it felt equally good.

So to conclude, I liked it. I would be happy to shoot with one of those.

Oh, and then I tried a 5D. Not bad I suppose
I'm so bored!

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