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Re: Very satisfied

miancu wrote:

Interesting to see how already a few responders prefer the D80 over
the D200 which is supposed to be the king in ergonomics.

It still is but, again, for my hands is too big which is a bit
I was a P*ntax guy (film) and waited for the announced K10D to see
if I would go after P*ntax. I still use my P*ntax ZX-M which is a
beautiful camera in its simplicity. Anyway, finally I decided
switching to Nikon after I found out that K10D has some unsupported
features for flash use (and some other) and I like to use flash for
creative fills (actually my immediately next investment will be a
SB800). Another very important reasons to switch were the
availability of cameras and service and the "wider gamut" of
lenses, accesories etc, from Nikon and other vendors (though this
may change in the near future in the P*entax case).

Yeah, any brand besides N and C appear to have a meagre range of products in comparison.

But even so, after months of net research, just getting in the shop
and touching them makes a whole a lot of difference.

Ouch, I hope I won't be disspointed. My D80 is coming in by Monday.

Please test the viewfinders one after another. D200 is very close
to the 5D from C*non (they had those expensive cameras in stock in
that shop !), D80 is similar to D200 (probably the same ??), but
all are very large compared to D70s and Rebels. (A comment: I was
very unpleasantly suprised by the total lack of P*ntax cameras in
shops. The only one that had a P*ntax K100D was the central Saturn
in Munchen. None in Vienna, nor in Nurnberg).

I have the D70 with me now so I can compare them side by side when my D80 arrives. Yeah that's the other thing, you can't expect the less popular brands to be widely available everywhere, whereas nearly everyone's heard of Canon and Nikon to a lesser extent.

My buffer is also low and constantly overflowing, but I'm finally
getting to remember...

Lol I don't use continuous shooting much. Do you shoot raw? You must be for the buffer to overflow that soon.

Oh, well, I forgot to tell how wonderful the menus looks !! And the
big back LCD !! I used a A80 P&S with a tiny LCD. D80 is like IMax
compared to that.

Lol look forward to it. The thing looks huge.

I have a friend that owned a D70 (not "s") for some years now and
he is constantly amazed (still) by his camera. That was another
reason to lean towards Nikon: references.

I must still be on the learning curve - I can't coax much performance out of the D70. I shoot almost exlusively jpeg.

BTW: I like your signature logo.


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'Life is not measured by how many breaths you take, but by how many
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'Life is not measured by how many breaths you take, but by how many moments that take your breath away.' - A friend

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