Who here would NOT purchase the 400D, and Why?

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Re: I agree

Given my recent focus problems with a new f2.8 lens and a old 300D... I'm seriously re-considering everything about my choices in photography... My 'investment' in Canon lenses is reasonably minimal at this point. It would seem due to poor AF with fast lenses on the pre-400D entry level Canon DSLRs I'm going to beforced to buy a new camera body if I want to improve my photography sucsess rate...

Now... if only someone would be so innovative to create a standard AF lens interface to a camera body.... where non of us would have to be married to any camera maker due to our 'investment' in lenses...

I for one at this point (15 years after my first Canon EOS system) am seriously considering bailing on Canon... It's not nessasarly that I thnk the 400D is such a bad camera... it's just that myself I can't see spending $1200 on good lens which seems to be Canon's current price range for anything aproaching 'pro' proformance with IS...

I personaly would not switch to Nikon at this point in time, I think they are at best marginaly better then Canon in the innovation and quality/$$ departement, really I think Canon and Nikon are about equal value to the prosumer photographer... This Pentax stuff looks REALLY interesting...

stratuss wrote:

jagge wrote:

Yes thats just ground breaking inovative thinking. If Nikon did
that i would hug them to death and never schwitch even if iso 200
became noisy :0). If canon made that move i would schwitch at the
blink of an eye. I think more open standards cant be overestimated.
A bold move from Pentax. Actually they have been quite inovative,
funny to see that one of the small players actually offers some of
the most interesting solutions on several issues.

I've been looking at what the others have been doing and Canon
is lagging. The 400D is 'better', but it's too small and the Pentax's
and others are innovative. Glass investment is what's keeping me from
switching and trying others.

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