Who here would NOT purchase the 400D, and Why?

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Re: I Would not

I'm with you here... almost all the way up to your last statment... I think it's most deffintely incorrect to say 'the body has no effect on the actual quality of your photos' While I'm in slightly less disagreement with the '300D is better then 90% of users could extract' statement... I think it's defintely pushing the envelope of something resembling truth.

Given my recent issues with focus on a Tamron f2.8 lens.. I think the focus system improvement of the 400D is a good example of how indeed a body can make a huge differance in image quality... Funny thing is you also site your desire for a even better focus system in a 40D and say that's one of the things your waiting for...

If I were to buy a 400D right now... my biggest fear would be that the 40D comes out with in a few months and it has a better focus system then the 20D, 30D, and 400D currently have...

Sosua wrote:


I have a 350D already
I am waiting on the 30D's replacement
I want a chunkier camera - more like my old Film EOS 5
10MP = So what, give me 12!
Waiting on a better view finder
Spot metering would be nice
I'm sure the 4oD? autofocus will be improved again - Canon can't
leave the 30D's position as is for too long - its lagging behind
and I beleive its replacement will be an impressive unit.

But mainly - your camera has no effect on the actual quality of
your photos - The 300D even, is better than 90% of users could
extract anyway...


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