Who here would NOT purchase the 400D, and Why?

Started Sep 22, 2006 | Discussions thread
Cihangir Gzey Contributing Member • Posts: 565
NEVER buy anything that is not tested long enough!

I am not a tester but an end user who wants to be happy with the purchase. I had enough experiences with many kind of things to fix bugs or face with preproduction bugs (car, mpeg-4 camera, GSM phone, computer software, Microsoft operating system, etc.). I decided just to buy something after a while so people (electronic gadget lovers) will test it enough and companies will release new firmwares to fix those bugs. I hate bugs and I really hate unreliable things. I just want the damn thing to operate as it has to do. Yes, I will not be a first time tester and will not be able to show my new thing to my friends anymore (and see them get jealous) but I don't care at all after so many bad experiences (and after 36 years of life). It keeps my nerves better in this way. 9 months with my 350D and so far had no bug at all. Because I got it with firmware 1.0.3 after many months of its first release. :))))))))

My philosophy:Never buy something newly released. There will always be a bug to upset you. Because that thing is human made and ALL human beings do mistake by nature. Only GOD is perfect!

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