Upgrade to D80 from D70?

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Teru Kage
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Upgrade? YES!!!

I upgraded from the D70 and aside from the slower flash sync, there's nothing about the D80 that I feel is poorer than the D70.

Larger Viewfinder:

The image is larger and brighter, which makes a big difference when composing my shots.

Great high ISO performance:

I like to minimize the amount of post processing as much as possible. Sure, you can get good results with a D70 + Noise Ninja, but the D80 delivers clean images straight out of the camera. Some people have nitpicked about Watercolor effects, etc. but I've been very happy with my D80. I rarely ever went higher than ISO640 on my D70 but I confidently shoot at ISO800-1000 on my D80. Even 1600 is very useable. Don't know if you've seen my old thread here, but you can see some high ISO tests here:


Delayed exposure:

Not quite Mirror Lock Up but still better than not having anything on the D70.

Larger resolution:

In the past 8x10 prints were the largest I needed, so the D70 was more than enough. But my print size requirements have gone up substantially, and the 10MP of the D80 really does show.


The ISO200 of the D70 was pretty clean, but I still prefer the ISO100 of the D80. Plus, it allows me one more stop for long exposure shots (like waterfalls, trailing lights.)

Commander Mode wireless flash

I loved the wireless i-TTL flash of my D70, but the D80 goes one step further by allowing the built-in flash to contribute to the flash output, essentially giving me an extra light source.

11-area focus

Lets me track moving subjects more easily.

Larger Continuous Buffer

I sometimes need to shoot a sequence of shots to capture an action, and the 23 frames of the D80 is nearly double that of the D70.

Larger, more resolving LCD

Makes a difference when shooting models because I get to show them their photos more clearly. Nothing helps a shoot better than when a model is happy with how her photos are coming out.


At last, I can use a Nikon vertical grip!

I could go on, but I think these points give a clear enough indication that the D80 is worth the upgrade. Naturally if you:

never shoot higher than ISO400
don't use wireless flash
don't need large prints
don't shoot slow shutter night time photos
feel the D70's viewfinder is good enough
shoot stationary objects

then you probably don't need to upgrade. The D70 is still a great camera, but the D80 fits my current needs more.

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