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Re: I tried it once and forgot the D200 :)

J Mankila wrote:

I was quite hesitant to decide on the D80 when I hadn't got to play
with it - having tried D200, I couldn't believe any camera would
fit my hands as nicely. And I had accustomed to the large D70 hand
grip... Well, when I tried out the D80 first time at a Jessops in
London, I have to say that my hands fell in love with it

I do have big hands and that was my nr. 1 concern about the D80
beforehand. Surprisingly the grip indeed gave all of my fingers a
nice place to sit. I always put my first joint of my fore finger
onto the shutter release rather than the tip, and this way I found
D80 to be even more comfortable than D200! My long fingers wrap
around the grip, which has slimmed down from the D70 to being very
much like in D200 (I actually feel D200 grip has thinner feel to it
than D70, and I think that's a good thing). The hooked area for the
fingertips works as well as in the D200 - almost as well, at least,
as I still prefer the soft rubber..

Thanks Janne, I definitely share 50% of your experience. The D70 was always just that tiny bit oversized for my hands, I just couldn't wrap my fingers around snugly because it was a few mm too large. When I tried the D200 it definitely felt better and like you said - slightly thinner than the D70, and the rubber was amazing. Looking forward to the D80. My only regret is that I lack the fine crafting skills to replace the rubber grip on that to more closely resemble the give, grip and softness of the D200 one.

One thing that amazed me was the tough build. I mean, I read all
the complaints about D80 having more of a toy feel when compared to
D70.. And even though I find D70 sturdy, I find my new D80 even
more robust. I think the new memory card slot plays a big part - it
won't wobble anymore! The shutter release and on/off switch feels
more comfortable, too. And the shutter sound more pleasing and not
so high pitched. And the new viewfinder eyecup - D70 hurt my
eyebrows when on a long shoot as I press the camera hard against it
to stabilize it.

Hmm, from what I hear sounds like Nikon did these little adjustments that went into improving the feel of the D80 over the D70, but hasn't been widely appreciated.

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