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Re: Like the N80

To each his own. I am sure if a lot of my images were made at over 12000 Ft dangling from a rope I would want a light compact camera. I don't do that. I wont' do that. So I like a bit more camera. Meaning I prefer a camera with more mass and taller and wider so I can get a grip on it.

I dont carry a 28-300 zoom or even a 18-200 zoom. I come from the old schhool that zoom lens with long zoom ranges are not as good as the ones with shorter ranges. Hearing owners of the 18-200mm rationalizing zoom creep as normal convinces me that I probably won't have one either for that reason alone.

At weddings it's normal for me to have two bodies hangling form me.

But if I am wakiang around and want to have a camera that is unobtrusive then I would like a smaller p&s


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