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james vornov Regular Member • Posts: 137
Like the N80

I was getting ready to buy a D200, but then the D80 came out and was available locally. The D80 is very much like my old film N80 in weight, although the lens is offset, so the dimensions are a little more compact.

I was one of those who stuck with the N80 rather than move up to the F100, which size and weight-wise was more like the D200. Since I travel a lot for business and photograph on the trips, I can't see carrying so much more camera for so little gain. I think I was influenced by the late Galen Rowell in this. He often used an N80 (later an N65) with small primes or lightweight zooms for field work. With the D80 image quality and automation being so close to the D200, I didn't have any reason to go with the heavier camera.

Here's a link to an article by Rowell discussing the virtues of lighter weight, "consumer" Nikons.

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