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Re: Very satisfied

Vandyu wrote:

If your 28-200 is the Nikon version, I would not call it a "poor"
lens. Prior to the announcement of the 18-200VR, this lens was very
popular as a walk around lens. I believe it is well constructed and
does pretty good work for the cost of the lens. Many people
continue to use it, rather than pay about $800-900 for the
18-200VR. Go to the Nikon SLR Lens Forum and ask people who use
this lens to post some of their results. I think you'll be pleased

Well, if you ask me, I am VERY satisfied with this lens. After I bought it I just had the curiosity to look for some reviews on the net and I saw that there were not raving about it. And I didn't understand why because, IMO, it gives veryy good results. Maybe a bit soft on the wide side and some fringing. But overall... I posted here:


...and here...


...some photos with this lens and all are jpegs out of camera. I think results are quite good.

Here is a link with some info about the lens:


And this is the lens:

And is for film, so the APS-C eq is 42-300 (if I'm not wrong).


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