Upgrade to D80 from D70?

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Re: Upgrade to D80 from D70?

let me translate

The D80 is better than the D200 at one thing - Shooting directly into a light and ovexposing 4 stops. Banding is a non issue - i have never noticed it. If yours is bad, get it fixed

The D80 also looks to be better at high iso, so lets give it those two -

ignore the banding issue just like D80 users should ignore the hot pixle thing unless they take shots of the night sky


Jola013 wrote:

Jeff000 wrote:

Seems to be a non issue from my searches, esspecially on the new ones.

All D200's have short banding, it is part of the high speed design,
there is even a Nikon circular about it. But this subject was
discussed to death, so nobody talks about it anymore.

Some of the first D200's had long banding, but Nikon fixed these.

I can easily make my new D200 show short banding at iso 100, but I
cannot make my D80 show banding at iso 400.

As a consequence, there are many situations where I would not even
think of using my D200, and would use the D80. Just to make sure.

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