>>>>Challenge 127: Information<<<<

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>>>>Challenge 127: Information<<<<

Thank you, David for hosting Challenge 126 - it was an interesting and fun challenge and there were many colorful, creative entries. The results of Challenge 126 can be viewed at the thread below:

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Since we've all recently merged under the Sony brand label, you are invited to participate in this latest Challenge, in both the 'eligible' and 'exhibition' categories! Konica-Minolta made great cameras and many of us eagerly anticipate the products that will soon come from the merging of two technologies! So, with respect to this, we look forward to your entries that exemplify what KM cameras are capable of, and hint at what good stuff is ahead for all of us!

(PS - please have a look at the bottom of this message for links to the galleries and detailed entry procedures)


STF CHALLENGE 127 (Eligible): "Water Droplets and Bubbles"

The object of this challenge is pretty much self-explanatory - photograph an image in which the subject is droplets of liguid and/or bubbles. Possibilities for images include morning dew, water droplets on leaves, raindrops on a window, and reflections that can be captured in drops of water. An article about photographing droplets can be seen here: http://www.cameraontheroad.com/?p=1047

Challenge 127 began at 2:00pm CDT, September 21,2006 and will end Monday, October 2nd, 2006, at 9 PM CDT. The galleries will be set up shortly, and everyone will then have two full weekends to obtain images. Here is the link to the Challenge 127 main gallery page:




These guidelines are meant to help things run smoothly for all... & to serve as a handy reference to answer common questions. Thanks for reading through all this stuff again:

  • Up to three (3) images are allowed in each of the two galleries.

  • You can enter photos anonymously, by submitting your image & sending me an email indicating your real identity. My email address is: kkenison@tds.net

  • Collaborating on entries is welcome. An artist can be involved in up to three collaborative efforts IN ADDITION TO the usual 3 individual images allowed.

  • Those who prefer to have critiques of their photos be more "critical", feel free to mark the image title with an asterisk ( )

  • There are no restrictions on post processing your photos before submitting them.

  • Please put a unique title and your name (identity choice) on each of your image thumbnails (e.g.'Seeing Stars by HAL9000'). It really helps to keep voting problem issues to a minimum.

  • Please resize your images to no larger than 800 pixels on the longest side before uploading to PBase (can be larger if it's a panoramic image).

  • Please keep your questions & concerns posted in this thread for best response. Someone will address them as soon as possible.

  • Challenge time period will run from 2:00pm CDT, September 21, 2006 until Monday, October 2, 2006, at 9:00PM CDT. Time tables will be posted in the galleries. A separate voting thread will be posted shortly after the end of the Challenge period.

  • ELIGIBLE images must be taken with a Sony OR Konica Minolta digital camera...& within the challenge time period. The winner of this gallery will host the next Challenge. All ELIGIBLE entries should at least include the camera model used & the date indicating when the photo was taken..."EXIF" data attached would be ideal (if available). "EXIF" data is a big help to a lot of viewers for a variety of reasons.

  • EXHIBITION images can be obtained with any camera at any time. If you do not want to host the next Challenge, this is the gallery you should post your images to.

Thanks for your cooperation.

  • Here’s a link to the main STF Challenge galleries page:


  • To view fully illustrated entry & upload instructions, visit:


Konica Minolta participants, if you have any questions regarding entry procedures or guidelines, please post them in this thread and you're bound to receive helpful answers from someone.

Good luck to everyone and have fun!!
Katherine Kenison

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