D80 Feel: Questions

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Very satisfied

Since you asked especially for opinions from D70/ D50 users, I hope these will be usefull too:

I wanted to buy a D200 as my first dSLR. It seemed perfect for me. The problem was that I have never held one in my hands until last week when I noticed it was too big for me and this was impairing its ergonomics (in my hands). D80 is just perfect for my hands and cheaper. So I decided I should go for it even if I had to lose some advantages of D200. Moreover I'm an amateur not a pro. I can tell you now that I don't regret it.

The problem here is that everyone perceives this "perfect for my hands" in a very different manner so I have probably just one single advice that I think is useful: never buy online if you didn't hold THE camera in your hands. I was on the verge of doing this mistake with the D200. Moreover, I had the chance to hold in my hands both D50 and D70s in the same shop where I bought the D80. D70s is bigger so probably this is the reason that feels "more solid", but IMO it is not. It is just the same just bigger. As some other pointed out, D80 feels like metal not like plastic in your hands. Just remove the lens and hold it: no cranky plastic, feels solid and well built even without the lens (being heavier with the lens gives a false impression of solidity).

The D80 viewfinder look is huge compared to the D70s and D50. I've looked through all three and I was extremely unpleasantly impressed by the tunnel-look of D70s viewfinder.

The controls take a while to learn but in the end you'll get accustomed to use them quickly and painlessly. Although I have one constant problem with both selection wheels for white balance setup: I have hard time remembering which does what (the from one changes values, the back one changes modes or vice-versa). It seems you have to learn them by heart.

A bit cumbersone is also changing the metering - that I do often - and I have to pause and look on the above LCD. Same for drive modes. On the other hand, exposure bracketing has a display in the viewfinder but only for single bracketing. For multiple bracketing you have (again) to look on the LCD and use a separate button, located under the flash button. I don't know if I used the correct terms but I hope you understand.

Overall I'm very satisfied with it and with the IQ considering that I own a "poor"-rated lens (28-200 3.5-5.6 D). This is very good starter camera but I think we'll get together for a long while, I hope its guts will last (electronics & mechanics).

Hope it helped


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