Pentax 16-45mm or Sigma 17-70mm

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Re: Pentax 16-45mm or Sigma 17-70mm

I have not sen a test of distortion back to back, but the 16-45 does remarkably well on architecture for such a wide lens with relatively slight distortion at the extremes. I suspect being a much longer range, the 17-70 is not as good, but have yet to see suitable samples.

For sharpness they are pretty equal, but as I said for wide lenses, distortion is a big issue.
Heres a 16-45 samples showing how good it is in this respect...



Rupert60 wrote:

I just posted some comparison shots of the 18-55 and 16-45, but
have not seen a direct comparison with the Sigma 17-70. I was
really close to buying the Sigma when the rebates came and I went
with the 16-45. I would love to see a "shoot off" between the two.
If my memory is correct, in viewing Pbase images the color edge
went to Pentax IMO.
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