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J Mankila
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It's not just a feel...

ad in md wrote:

I also think the D80 shutter is more "mechanical" in feel and has a
much faster response than the D70. I don't know if this is backed
up by any real data, or just an impression created by the different

Actually, there is a reason behind that feel In D70 the shutter was a mechanical and electric at the same time. The shutter never reached "faster" shutter speed than 1/250 sec, but when you shot with faster speeds than that the sensor turned on for that given amount of time.

The D80 shutter is all mechanical. I heard the 10mp sensor didn't give a possibility to do that trick. Hence you get "only" 1/4000 and 1/200 shutter speeds

I also think that mirror slap is more accentuated on the D80 -
which is why you may definitely need that "0.4sec delay MLU mode".

It certainly feels more of a slap than in D200 even though the D200 mirror swings faster... I think it's becase of the weight and construction differences between the models.

Regarding what you said about the grip feeling thinner and that being a bad thing... Actually I feel that even the D200 has slimmer hand grip than the D70. I find both D200 and D80 much more pleasing than D70 - even though I have huge hands. By the way, I shoot with not the tip of my fore finger but the first joint.. I did this on the D70 also, to get a more firm and deeper hold of the camera. Out of these three cameras, I actually think D80 sits the most comfortably in my hands - although I would love the soft rubber on the D200..

Janne Mankila

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