Upgrade to D80 from D70?

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here's my take.

Andrew Ting wrote:

I have a D70 and it works great.... but obviously I want the newer

I have a D70 also, but bought a D80, and here's why:

Anyone upgrade this way and if so what did you find improved on the
D80...white balance improved, lower noise?

  • Lower noise.

  • Much better white balance, especially Auto White Balance.

  • RGB histogram so you know exactly what that pesky red channel is doing.

  • More MP (not much, but I'll take it.)

  • More dynamic range.

  • Much better IR suppression (so AWB is way better and blacks stay black)

  • Shutter delay (kinda like MLU, only the delay is automatic (hit the shutter once and it swings the mirror up, then exposes...don't have to press once for mirror up and once for exposure).

  • Much bigger viewfinder.

  • ISO 100.

  • There are more, but I can't remember them all right now.

More importantly
anything more annoying on the D80? (other than the lower flash
sync).Well, this isn't completely accurate because you do have FP up to 1/4000.

I've read many threads, but nothing really describes how much
better the D80 is.... even Ken Rockwell's comments.

He is one of the very last resources I use. Try someone like Thom Hogan instead. I find his information to be accurate enough that I use it to help make my decisions on a camera, both the new D80 I purchased as well as the D70 I purchased over 2 years ago.

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