The Dell Lottery-I lost!

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I Won! was Re: The Dell Lottery-I lost!

Mine was ordered on Sunday, and delivered yesterday. Since mine arrived after yours, I'd figured I was sunk, but no!

As I type this, I see those magic words in the service menu:


I guess mine really did come from farther back in the container, and they must have just changed over.

Trouble is, I showed my wife how the monitor can be tilted vertically, and now she wants one. I'll have to keep her hand off my monitor :-).

Another minor problem: I can get the 1680x1050 native resolution to work with no problem on the old computer running WinXP Pro. However, that computer dual-boots Win98SE. I can't find a driver for my Radeon 9600 to drive the monitor at native resolution under Win98SE.

Unfortunately, I still have one Win98SE application that I can't find a suitable replacement for in XP, so I have to keep Win98SE around. I know the video card can do the native resolution, because it's doing it under WinXP Pro. It's just getting the non-Win98SE-standard resolution to work under Win98SE.

Oh well, I guess we all have our cross to bear.


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